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lee and kids

School Activities

We have strong links with schools in the Newcastle area working to compliment the PE curriculum

We can provide

  • Curriculum based exercise and sports activities (Including PPA)
  • Out of school hours learning
  • Fundraisers
  • Festivals and fun days
  • Curriculum based exercise and sports activities (including PPA)

Lee Sterry Sports Coaching can help schools to deliver a wide range of P.E activities for boys and girls between four and fourteen years of age, to help you deliver your national curriculum P.E programme for an agreed number of lessons, over a term period, or across the academic year.

These may include the following units of , ‘Game activities,’ ‘Invasion games’ and/or ‘Net wall games’.

We teach the children a wide range of fun ‘Games’ activities to help achieve your curriculum learning objectives and outcomes, whilst also providing opportunities for development and attainment. The key objectives being: to help children learn through play, enjoy sport and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Teachers are welcome to attend our classes. They may find some of our ideas in motivating the children to play helpful in developing their own ideas and concepts for P.E. teaching. Or alternatively we can provide PPA time for schools allowing guaranteed teaching time for planning, preparation and assessment.

Lee Sterry Sports Coaching will provide

  • Qualified coaches, first aid trained and CRB checked
  • All equipment , although use of some of the school equipment may be beneficial.
  • Out of school hours of learning (After School Programme)
  • Lee Sterry Sports Coaching will provide 1 hour coaching activity spread over a designated number of consecutive weeks usually (4 – 6) weeks after school programme to tie in with school half term period.

Lee Sterry Sports Coaching offers basic moves, multi skills and multi sports which include football, dodge ball, kwik cricket, basketball and many more. Lee Sterry Sports Coaching will also provide speed, agility, coordination, quickness and squash.  Our planned activities enable children to experience a wide range of physical activities to provide fun and varied after school provisions service.

All application forms with course details will be provided by Lee Sterry Sports Coaching and will be handed into the school to hand out to parents.

  • All equipment will be provided Lee Sterry Sports Coaching
  • All registers will be provided Lee Sterry Sports Coaching
  • Lee Sterry Sports Coaching will provide qualified coaches who are first aid trained CRB checked.
  • Lee Sterry will attend assembly’s to promote any programme if necessary.
  • The cost of the after school service is on the application forms unless subsidies are available from schools.

Please contact us for further information.


Lee Sterry Sports Coaching will plan a comprehensive skills programme and provide coaches for a sponsored day of specific sports activities and your school will receive 60% of the monies raised on the day.

Each class participates for an allocated time throughout the school day with each lesson appropriate to their age, ability and needs of the class or year group.

Sponsorship forms are provided by us and the children are encouraged to obtain sponsors to successfully learn or develop a set of skills on the day .

Festivals & Fun Days

I will provide sports game activities for your school for a full day or half day as part of an organised event or day, such as sports day, health and fitness week etc.  The programme will be designed around your specific needs, age and ability, making it a fun day for all.


Any specific areas can be covered by Lee Sterry Sports Coaching which may include School Team Coaching, Wake up and Work out , Lunch time, Golden time refereeing enrichment time and Gifted and Talented .

School Activities

Before school activities

We offer a mixture of early morning activities which have proved very popular with children and schools. Early morning sessions can provide a brilliant tool for raising and preparing children both physically and mentally for the school day ahead. Our early morning programmes also include fun sports such as dodgeball, football, archery and karate, basketball and many more fun activities this gives children and schools an opportunity to try different sports and ideas.

Early morning sessions also help children and schools provide time for activity and exercise which may have previously been accessible at the time.

Curriculum activities

We at Lee Sterry sports coaching can help you deliver numerous physical activities for boys and girls, aged four to fourteen years. We can work alongside each school to help deliver the specified national PE curriculum programme. Programmes and sessions can be created for different time periods, whether it is over a half term and full academic year.

Each session or term can be tailored to meet each school individual needs and learning objectives or alternatively we can create a curriculum which we feel would be suitable to meet the needs of each year group.

We work with children to create a positive leaning environment and we can provide a wide range of games and skill-based activities along with individual technique development. Our key objective is to help children learn and develop through being active and encourage children to enjoy playing sport.  

All teachers and classroom assistants are welcome to attend our classes. They may find some of our ideas and practices helpful original in encouraging children to be energetic and useful in developing their own PE based sessions. Alternatively, we can provide coaches for specified time, allowing teachers time for planning, preparation and assessment.

Classroom sessions can also be arranged to work with children on issues like healthy eating, being active at home and other topics surrounding health and physical activity.

Basic moves tuition

‘Developing a foundation for lifelong physical activity’

This is a programme designed for pre – school and key stage 1 children help with fundamental movements and skills that will provide a foundation for a lifelong physical activity. 

Basic movements can be developed in several different places whether it be the classroom, PE lessons or during playtimes. The basic moves programme combines quality teaching with a great learning experience for children whilst developing their physical skills. 

Speed agility & Quickness (SAQ)

This programme is a challenging and exiting programme of activities. Through the use of specialist training equipment and specially designed practises children can improve their Speed, Agility and quickness and the dexterity in their feet.

This type of training is extremely positive to children and helps build a foundation which will prove extremely beneficial as the children mature and will also aid their development in any extra- curricular sporting activities or sports clubs they may attend.

Multi -skills development  

Our multi-skills development programme works alongside the national PE curriculum for foundation stage and key stages 1 and 2.
We aim to develop all fundamental skills and movements in all children. Our multi-skills syllabus is a non-sport specific and works on fine motor skills in line with the long-term athlete development programme (LTAD). The children will work on movement aspects such as agility, balance and Co -coordination as well as basic speed training. Close movement and using physical and mental attributes together.
Activities and practices concentrate on developing hand/eye co-coordination, strength, running, jumping, leaping, kicking, throwing, catching and dynamic movement patterns.

  • Lee Sterry Sports Coaching has been working at St Cuthbert’s for the last five years and throughout this time I have found his coaching to be of the highest quality. He has delivered PE PPA sessions from Y1 to Y6 and after school clubs. His sessions are always very well prepared and resourced. The children thoroughly enjoy their time with him and they all develop their skills immensely. I would strongly recommend Lee Sterry to you.

    Nick Conway
    Head Teacher, St Cuthberts Catholic Primary School
  • South Gosforth First School have been working with Lee Sterry Sports Coaching for a number of years. Lee and his staff have delivered PE lessons to the highest quality for our Reception classes, through to Year 4. We also use his expertise to provide after school football, tennis and multi-skills sessions that offers all of our pupils a fantastic opportunity to enjoy sport, keep fit and improve their talents.

    South Gosforth First School would not hesitate to recommend Lee Sterry Sports Coaching to any other school, parent or organisation. On behalf of South Gosforth First School, I would like to thank Lee and his staff for their hard work and I hope it continues for many years to come

    Peter Coles
    Head Teacher, South Gosforth First School