First Kicks

This course is aimed at children from the age of 3years old and 4s Beginners
Our courses  with Lee Sterry Sports Coaching are all about learning through play.
we have big emphasis on fun engaging and skill based games.
we want to create a professional learning environment,
introducing the children with fun games with the football.
We want to improve their key skills such as speed agility and balance and co-ordination.
we want it to be fun and enjoyable for both boys and girls at such a young age.
we operate in a nurturing, supportive,warm, caring manner and all our equipment involved is safe and child friendly.
First kicks is  a fun based approach to introduce key football skills such as dribbling with a ball, learning the inside of your foot and the outside of the foot,
and stopping the ball. Learning how to move with the ball around cones and then learning where you can shoot into the goals.
We want to capture the young footballers interest and let them learn to have a life long love of football.
However we never forget that the basic skills and activities are important, keeping them short and sweet which helps with their attention spans
Our Coaches at Lee Sterry Sports Coaching are amazing with all the children and want to make sure they all enjoy First Kicks with us.