Whit week MULTISPORTS – 4 day course Cochrane Park dodgeball kiwk cricket mini tennis circuits mini golf soft archery football and lots more

Course Date
Tue 1 Jun 2021 - Fri 4 Jun 2021

Cochrane Park Sports Complex

Course information

A range of multisports activities ball skills target games dodgeball circuits mini golf soft archery football mini tennis. karate moves  and lots more

For the younger children 4s and 5s we train young children to improve the  quality of their play, and develop multi-directional skills, speed, agility, coordination and quickness.

We use balls beanbags hoops the parachute hurdles  and lots of other equipment which we make lots of fun games for the children its great for their development but all with fun so they enjoy  and meet new friends .

We want the children to have as much fun as they can.

Ticket Type Price Spaces
10 till 12 £40.00
9 till 3 £60.00
10 till 3 £50.00