• World Cup 2010

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    Lee Sterry Sports Coaching’s World Cup Tournament 2010

    The 10th of June marked the day before the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ started in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa and was celebrated with the Lee Sterry Sports Coaching World Cup Festival working in partnership with the NSPCC. The event was kindly hosted by Red House Farm JFC and provided an excellent setting for the festival.

    It was a highly anticipated event as World Cup winning legend Gordon Banks would be presenting the medals and the World Cup Trophy to the eventual winners.

    The tournament featured 18 teams from schools in the local community with each team assigned a country competing in the Finals. It was fantastic to see the efforts which all the teams went to create flags, banners and messages of support. A special mention must go to the nation of Denmark (Regent Farm FirstSchool) who’s decorations and Viking flag struck fear into the hearts of all while marching down Wandsbeck Road!!

    The tournament itself was a fantastic success and the football on show was of an exceptional quality, with stunning goals, incredible saves and unbelievable team spirit aplenty. As well as some spectacular support from teachers, parents and fellow students.

    After an epic tournament, the final was great contest between Spain andFrance, (Grange and Archibald First School) and after a fantastic 20 minutes,Archibald First School were the victors and raised the trophy in style!

    In total, with the help of all the schools, a staggering total of £900 pound was raised for the NSPCC!! All who attended the great sporting occasion, children, parents and teachers went home with a memory of a lifetime, meeting and shaking the hand of a World Cup Hero, Gordon Banks.

    We at Lee Sterry Sports Coaching would like to pay a special thanks to all who contributed towards the rememberable occasion, and we are now looking forward to seeing you all again at our EURO 2012 Tournament!!!!!